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November 2015


Knit sweater and overknee boots


Winter is officially here! It’s snowing today and it feels like we’re in a winter fairytale. Well, except when you’re on the road, on the way to work in the morning. It’s not such a heaven there though 😀 One of the hits of this season happen to be over the knee boots and I’m super excited about huge knit sweaters and overknee boots in winter. It feels so cosy and fashionable at the same time! Continue Reading


Camel coat


Well even though most of the people are not big fans of winter months I’m not complaining about it. There is just something about the festive time of the year! Of course I would rather be relaxing somewhere by the beach and taking on some sun (I mean, who wouldn’t?), but Christmas is not that bad eighter! I simply love Christmas spirit and even though all the people are complaining about the early decorations in stores and around the city, I’m actually really excited about it! Continue Reading


Military Monday

Hello my lovelies! Today I’ve got a quick post just to say hello and show you this a bit more casual and maybe not-so-my-style look, with Zara military shirt and Timberland inspired boots. I was planning something different for this Monday but I was so lazy during the weekend that I couldn’t do much. Continue Reading


Boyfriend jeans & boots


The thing about boyfriend jeans number 1 is: no boyfriend in the world likes it, number 2: all the girls are obsessed with them! I mean … I can only image why guys don’t approve them haha 🙂 Style of stolen pieces from your boyfriend’s wardrobe is very trend and popular lately (or better said for some time already) and I like it! I am fan of skinny jeans and tight clothes too though, but nothing feels better than be dressed up cozy and stylish. And that’s boyfriends wardrobe-kind-of-style. Or at least how I call it. Continue Reading


Culottes and autumn colors


Who doesn’t love autumn colors? City gets so pretty and colourful, you can feel the smell of chestnuts and people are strolling around in cozy knitwears and scarfs. Most collections in shops are in brown/pastel colors and that’s totally my kind of area when it comes to clothing 🙂 Continue Reading



Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 23.33.07


All the photos checked, all the articled read, shopping plan made! THE DAY is coming! HMxBALMAIN collection is approaching and I am so impatient about it I cannot even tell. I was counting down the days since they dropped the news about the collaboration and I cannot believe tomorrow is the day!

Continue Reading


Lock the Mango love


As you may know (or not) I ‘ve been in Stockholm last month, visiting my dear friend Olivia. We’ve been studying and living together in Lisbon for half a year and been in contact since then. She is one of my closest friends and this year in September I finally got to visit her. Stockholm was on my “have-to-visit” list since some time already and I am absolutely enchanted about the city. Continue Reading