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December 2015


Glitters, sparkles and sequins


It’s after Christmas day and even though I love Christmas and everything connected to it, this year I had absolutely no feeling it’s that time of the year already. There is no snow, temperatures feel like it’s autumn and everyone around is so in a rush – including me. Maybe the fact that I bought and wrapped up all the Christmas gifts added a special feeling to it haha! On the Christmas eve we had a traditional dinner with family and all the presents opening at night at my parents house. At least that brought on some Christmas feelings! Continue Reading


Leather skirt for December occasions


December is that time of the year when everyone thinks one think – parties! And even if you’re not really into it that much (like me for example), you kind of “have to” attend few parties, it’s party month! When it comes to shopping – everything I’m looking for in this Xmas time of the year is sparkles, glitters, sequins and red colored clothes. Oh yes, that feels very Christmassy.

Continue Reading


Long knit dress for gloomy days


A few weeks ago I shared with you a similar outfit with a bit more summerish dress and styled with sneakers, but for todays occasion I decided to change it to the warmest option. I love those types of maxi knitwears/knit dresses cause they’re so comfortable and just perfect for work, lazy days at home or for the days when you don’t know what to wear and what to put together 🙂 Continue Reading


Feeling fluffy today

IMG_1515 IMG_1512

Good morning world, it’s finally Friday! Casual Friday actually! I’m sorry for last week’s lack of updates but December is soooo busy with all the gifts and pre-Christmas events, I forget how fast the time flies by. But I’m back on track now and will be showing you some serious Christmas inspiration in the next days here 😉 For todays look I went a little bit more casual and sporty. It’ season appropriate – except my jeans :P. This fluffy faux fur jacket from Zara is something you can wear for many occasions. It can be worn with white sneakers and boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans and pair of high heels for December’s party or for fancy night out with your boyfriend. I got this light rose faux fur jacket from Zara last year and I love it. It was actually THE purchase of last year’s sales. So warm and fluffy <3 Continue Reading


Hat from time to time


Even though I don’t wear hats as much as I would love to, there still come some days and outfits that seem just like a perfect day to wear it! I must admit, it’s sometimes hard to find the right one. I know, there are so many hats in store, especially around autumn and winter, but not all of them look good on every person. Continue Reading