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April 2016


Casual Sunday




Hello my lovelies <3

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday! This weekend is the first weekend after a while I’m actually doing nothing (and a lot at the same time). Cleaning the apartment, having some time for myself (and for the blog), working on some new stylings for new posts and doing some online shopping (pssssst, they have spring sales in Mango and River Island online shop 😉 is the kind of the Sunday I was really looking for. Continue Reading


LJFW: Day 2


Second day of LJFW is over and I was wearing this gorgeous dress, designed by Katarina Farič Kokalj again. The most chick and unique look it can be was a very right decision to wear for this years Fashion Week. When I think of the right outfit for Fashion Week I always want to wear something I wouldn’t wear for a normal day at work. And this dress seemed like a perfect option for it, but yet I wanted to create a fashionable look, paired with sneakers, which are my must have and most wearable piece of spring. So sporty and fashionable was my choice to go for Day 2 🙂 How do you like it? Continue Reading


LJFW: Day 1



Ljubljana Fashion Week started yesterday and I loved the new collection of Spring 2016/2017. My favorites yesterday were defenitely Janja Videc with collection INNANA in pastel spring colours and Matic Veler with unique collection named What’s important to me!  Continue Reading


Bomber jackets are everything!



Hello my lovelies!

This week has been crazy so far! So many thing going on with all those marketing conferences, fashion week, fashion events, work, shootings etc. But I cannot really complain since I love being that kind of busy 🙂 Just a quick update what’s going on these days before focusing on an outfit.  Continue Reading





The campaign #ImPerfect itself is simply all about the message that you’re perfect just the way you are and what I like the most about it so that it aims to empower the individuals to love all those little imperfections of being which makes us even more unique than we are. At the same time, the message is also an invitation to experiment with fashion. I didn’t experiment much with outfit today, since it’s really simple and easy to go, but I’m trying different things on every day and that’s one of the aspects of my blog I like the most – showing you how to experiment with clothes, perhaps even the same ones but styled for different occasions.  Continue Reading