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May 2016


MBFW glittery look




All the good things come to an end and so the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week did! Two days of amazing shows, meeting my lovely blogger friends and resting my eyes on some interesting pieces for new upcoming collections. It was all about the bliss and fashion and you know I love those kind of events when we can talk fashion! I’m so happy we have two fashion weeks in Slovenia (LJFW and MBFW) and everyone is asking me why so … well I don’t know but I like it 🙂 Continue Reading


Summer vibes




I’m not gonna talk much today, the only thing I have to say it that finally I have a chance to show you this look I’ve been waiting for so long. White color in summer makes me so happy, free, careless and you can find a loooooot of white clothes in my wardrobe! This white dress (not really a dress though, but still) from Mango is just another off the shoulders look of many to come. I’m obsessed with this summer trend btw! I just went shopping on Friday and got myself 2 more off the shoulder dresses and one top hihi. Quilty 😛 Well the real vibe to this summersih outfit definitely gives my very new and favourite bag at the moment – Chloe Faye and shoes.  Continue Reading


Spring Blossom



My fascination about spring will probably never end! It gives absolutely amazing look to the city, when everything is blooming around, warmer days are coming in and opened toe heels are back in the game! Isn’t it such a girls spring dream to have these beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere around? I honestly wished there were only pink and white trees all year long… Who needs green trees when you can have cherry blossoms?! Unfortunately the blossom season is almost over, but I found this post that I haven’t shared with you yet, with so much going on lately! Continue Reading


SNYR launch event



Yesterday one of my favorite Slovenian designers – Nina Šušnjara, officialy launched a new, more affordable collection of SUSNYARA brand, called SNYR! It’s all about statement pieces in neutral colours and earth tones, that give a very special and chick look to every day’s outfit! Besides clothes, you can also find some unique jewelry pieces, key chains, belts …. Everything you might need for perfect head to toe look! Continue Reading


How to wear dress shirt?



My answer would be: like a dress. It’s the shoes and bag usually which set the tone of the outfit. For “Friday after work” outfit I’ve chosen long SheIn shirt/dress (find it here), paired with summer sandals and my new favourite bag at the moment (love it!). You can also wear it cinged at the waist with a belt (it comes with it, but I didn’t use it this time). Or, you can leave it un-belted for a more summer effortless vibe of the whole look – my favourite one as you can see 🙂 I love it and you can find this one for less than $25 <3 How would you like to wear it? These kind of shirts/dresses are my favourite piece of summer.  Continue Reading


Day to night look




After four days in Istanbul I am finally back home, getting ready for new projects coming up. It’s my favourite time of the year (spring), when playing with clothes is easier than ever! I’m so over heavy coats and warm sweaters. I’d love to have spring all year long and one of the reasons might be that I love layering. Continue Reading