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June 2016


Statement piece




What is the statement piece? I talk about statement pieces all the time, so this got me thinking. What is it about an item that makes it a statement piece?  Continue Reading


Colourful summer



It was raining a lot lately and I haven’t really found the chance to show you my new favorite summer sandals just yet 🙂 I was on a hunt for perfect pair of nude laced up sandals for a while and I found them, thanks to Mass! These are perfect to be paired with very colorful summer dress like this one or with very simple and casual monochrome looks. Continue Reading


Long hair don’t care



I’m one happy girl with so wanted long hair 🙂 Well they are not totally mine, but I love the feeling and here it goes how it happened. I’m such a sucker for long hair, but somehow my hair always grow to the the certain lenght and than they stop. I’ve tried many things, but none of them seem to work and I was thinking about clip-on hair extentions for a reallly long time. Even more, I was so close to buy them many times, but than I changed my minds somehow. Continue Reading


BOHO summer vibes



It’s all about boho vibes this summer and as you might have noticed I love it. What I like about it the most is that it suits any body type and that those kind of pieces can be found everywhere lately! I haven’t really plan on posting this outfit on the blog though, since it was meant for Deichmann bloggers contest on the first place, but I’ve got so many question about the dress that I just had to post it here too. Continue Reading


My summer make-up


Hello my lovelies!

You know that I’m not that much into the whole make-up thing and even less into telling you about how to do your make up and I’m not gonna do it now either, but since I’ve got so many question about what kind of make-up I use for summer or how I adjust it to my daily outfits, I decided to write a post about it and show you what I use. It’s not about telling you what’s good and what is not, it’s just how I like to do it 🙂 Continue Reading


Hello June!




It doesn’t look like summer outside at the moment, but I feel like with the beginning of June the real summer begins! I refuse to wear jackets and jeans and I’m strictly sticking to dresses (short and maxi), shorts, all kind of tops and sandals. It might be about the time to start putting together more colourful outfits, since it’s summer, but I feel good in neutral and bright colours and most of my summer purchases lately are in white and baby blue, so you’ll be seeing a lot of that during summer 🙂 Continue Reading