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August 2016


Around Venice in my Pom Poms



After our Lefkada vacations we got to spend the day in Venice and this was my outfit of the day. When the heat is at its peak, you want to wear as little clothes as possible and look as simple and special at the same as possible. I tried to do this with simple white dress I got on this year’s sales in Zara and fun pom-pom sandals form Infashion. Continue Reading


Ultimate Bow Blouse



My rule when it comes to dressing is: simple outfit with one exclusive piece. In this case that would be bow blouse I got from SheIn, in my current favourite pastel blue colour. Continue Reading


IT Girls Only!



What I love so much about the summer is that everyone is more cheerful and happy. It might be because of the sun, summer clothes or maybe just because of the idea of summer. Life is so much better when you wear nice clothes, because life is too short to be wasted for bad outfits, isn’t it? Continue Reading


Porto Katsiki

IMG_8630 (1)

IMG_8826 (1)

Although I had 1001 problems before posting these so long awaited and many times promised photos from Grecee, I’m glad I can finally show them to you. 🙂 Sun, cold breeze and careless days – it feels so long time ago, but still so real. Continue Reading


GRAZIAxFreyWille: Details that matter



I know I promised post from Greece for this week, but it’ll have to wait until Monday, since this post, featuring Frey Wille, popped up in between 🙂

You know I’m not really a fan of colourful things, not even when it comes to jewellery. I’m more into minimalistic pieces when it comes to clothes and jewellery and I like to keep it like more is less. However, I’m in love with colourful bag add ons and I’m true believe that details make the difference, which is why I also decided for Frey Wille collaboration in the first place. Continue Reading


Back on track



Well hello, long time no see 🙂 It’s my fault! I’ve been taking vacations, or some time off the blog better said but I’m back! In the meanwhile I was enjoying some time at the cost with my boyfriend and my friends and flew to Greece (Lefkada) for a week, with my mum, my  sister and two friends of mine.

Continue Reading