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October 2016


Blogging when travelling



Working full-time and blogging professionally can sometimes be a bit of a juggle and there come days that I simply cannot handle everything, but in general I think I’m still quite good at doing it! I love to attend all the events, presentations and do as many collaborations as I can, but it also takes some good organisation and planning in advance. I like to keep you updated while I’m traveling so I thought I’d give you my two cents and share how I manage to keep things up-to-date. Continue Reading


Urban flares by H&M



If you’re anything like me, you’re currently scrambling to update your dress collection.  I’m all into all kinds of flare dresses, firstly because they are super comfy and secondly because they look super chick and stylish. I’m currently in love with H&M Urban Flare collection (I’m not sure if it’s a collection, but their newsletter says Urban Flare), and this dress is THE piece you need to own if you’re into fashion and flares.  Continue Reading


Flamingo girl



I know I’ve been a bit off social media and chatting with you for the last few days, but due to super busy last week it was just what I needed. There were just to many events and projects going on last week, but I’m back to normal posting, promise 🙂

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Modne blogerke smo nove Citypark-ove stilistke



Delo vsake modne blogerke je spremljanje trendov in stiliranje različnih outfitov na dnevni ravni, v tokratnem projektu MARATON MODNIH REVIJ pa smo slovenske modne bloggerke združile moči s Citypark-om in v prejšnjem tednu izbirale kose za prihajajoče modne revije. Z Ajdo (Ajdas), Teso (Magnifique), Natašo (Ana Krejevska), Evo (Love, Eva) Katjo (Viva La Vida) in Davidom bomo del ustvarjanja modnih kombinacij, ki jih bodo manekenke in manekeni nosili na prihajajočih revijah.Vesela bom, če se nam pridružiš tudi ti 🙂

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Why White Works



After hot summer colder days of autumn are upon us, which means it’s time to pull out boots, jacket and Uggs. But I’m just not there just yet. I refuse to wear winter clothes as long as I can and even though colder months and darker colors are getting in I think white can be chick all year round. Continue Reading


Oversized jacket



Welcoming this rainy, foggy and cold Sunday with this quite summerish outfit feels like a good start of the day 🙂 After super hectic weekend and quite bad car crush on Friday (no worries, all good – except my car), I’m slowly putting myself together. The timming was really bad since I have so many projects planned for next week, but I hope I’ll still manage to finish all of them. Continue Reading