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November 2016


When Fashion Meets Supermarket



I always say that what I love the most about putting together my looks on daily basis is that I can pair together very luxury accessories with super affordable high street brands and today I can actually show you that in the best way possible. Not that my look is luxury at all! Super easy and cosy black and grey outfit, paired with new Naomi Campbell bag with fringes and grey scarf is what keeps me feeling fashionable today. Continue Reading


Blogging on the go



The thing I love the most about blogging is that I’m not limited to the location and time and I’m free to do it whenever I want from wherever I am. Working full-time and blogging can sometimes be a bit of a juggle, as I’m sure many of you know! It requires a lot of good planning, but luckily I’m handling it quite well for now, due to my little tech helpers. Continue Reading


Fav spots to brunch in Valencia



It’s been more than 2 weeks since I came back from sunny and summerish Valencia and our quick trip was all about enjoying the sun, taking long walks and catching up over long brunches, on the most amazing brunch spots in the city. Continue Reading


Faux Fur Details on Point



I’m spending my weekend in a Spa, with my boyfriend who’s recovering from a surgery he recently had and it feels so cosy at the moment 🙂 Some time for ourselves is exactly what we need after super busy October! Continue Reading


Fluffy love by Max&CO



Hi Ladies! When winter comes around, I like to go “fluffy”. I got a little obsessed with fluffy clothes lately and it happened the same at Max&CO event the other day. We were picking our favourite outfits and I must say the decision was really hard – so many clothes, that totally fit my style, but I had to pick one and my love for fluffy details was on point. Continue Reading


Metalic & Flares



This season metallic colour is back in a big way, and while gold is the number one metal of the season I was happy to get this pretty bomber jacket from my lovely Etiketa team the other day. Even though winter is getting in, I find it very useful to wear, maybe even under winter jacket in colder days. Continue Reading


Pampering my skin


Biggest challenge when being busy living my life is to keep my skin healthy, moisturised and glowing. We all know that all the pretty makeup doesn’t really help, if you don’t take care of your skin before putting on something else, which is why I’m showing you my current favourites for my daily skin care routine.

Continue Reading





I’m type of the person that never stays at home and wants to be able to attend every event, every meeting, do as many shootings as possible, … And this doesn’t change in winter either. However, since outside has been colder than usually, the weather in the mornings is keeping me wrapped up in my bed longer than usual, but when I do go out out (which is every day) I want to stay cosy, warm and fashionable of course! Continue Reading