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February 2017


IT Winter Jacket



I’m actually catching last minutes to post this look since it’s getting pretty warm outside, but I still like to keep it simple and warm. Normally I like to shop my outwear in neutral colours, but this baby blue jacket popped into my eyes the second I saw it. Becoming IT jacket of Winter says enough about it, not to mention how warm it is! Continue Reading


On Sundays we Brunch!



I could totally skip the breakfast and have brunch, every single day! As Ljubljana doesn’t have a brunch place on every corner (but it’s getting better), it’s sometimes hard to find a place where you can have very good food & do some very necessary work in piece. Continue Reading


Happy Valentine’s Day



It’s Valentine’s Day and as much as some people like to keep mocking it, I think that the day of love totally deserves its own holiday. I do agree on fact that we need to tell our loved ones we love them every single day, but why not to show them even more love on the day like today? Cause where would we be without love?  Continue Reading


Think Pink



Sportswear as a fashion trend is something I’m big fan of, but when it comes to styling it with fashionable bag, shoes or skirt – I’m all in! White sneakers or cosy jumper, paired with my favourite skirt is something I could wear all day long, but today I ended up showing you even more sporty, comfortable and cosy look. Continue Reading


Metalic skirt



I’m totally obsessed with skirts lately, but when a metallic colour steps in the game, the outfit is perfect. An iridescent skirt might seem like an unnecessary addition to your wardrobe and you might not decide for it cause it’s not wearable for everyday, but I swear you totally need to own one. Continue Reading