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Welcome to my home



As I’m traveling quite a lot lately (due to blog business and personally as well), I’m always even more excited to come to my beloved home every single time. For me it’s important to feel really good when coming home for a day or two and since the living room is the place where we spend most of our time I like to have a space that feels cozy, fashionable and lived in, something that holds up well against my busy lifestyle.  Continue Reading


The truth about blogging

The truth about fashion blogging 1

The truth about fashion blogging 3

I love love love being a fashion bloggers and it definitely bring so much perks, but being a fashion blogger is not always as glamorous as people might think. I started my blog ABC Style almost 2 years ago and it has been a wonderful experience ever since Continue Reading


Grazia Cover Girl

Grazia-naslovnica junij 2015 Alja Bitenc Artdeco


Being a cover girl for Grazia magazine is such a dream come true! I’ve been always dreaming of being on a cover of a fashion magazine, but it always felt so surreal … until now! Continue Reading


How I handle a full time job and blog

Microsoft Asus Hero 11


Having a full-time job and a full-time blog is definitely not an easy job to handle. But I love both, so I’m not really ready to give up any of these two, which brings me to the superpower to have a pretty good time management and super busy life! Continue Reading


My experience with Tummy Teatox



I’ve been using Tummy Teatox for a while now and it was only about the time to share with you my experience. I decided to incorporate the tea into my life and combine it with healthy eating habits and daily exercise, so I had a cup of tea every morning and every night before sleep time. Continue Reading


Detoxing my body with Tummy Teatox



Summer is nearing and as the health topic is all around social media and lifestyle magazines, I decided to go back to healthier lifestyle too! Today it has actually become quite fashionable to go on a detox diet, but that’s defenitely not the reason why I decided to do it! Using detox foods a few days of the month is considered one of the best ways to stay in shape and I decided to check if there any truth behind these ideas? Continue Reading


On Sundays we Brunch!



I could totally skip the breakfast and have brunch, every single day! As Ljubljana doesn’t have a brunch place on every corner (but it’s getting better), it’s sometimes hard to find a place where you can have very good food & do some very necessary work in piece. Continue Reading


Planning 2017 kind of Sunday



My favourite thing to do on Sundays is to wake up around 9, make breakfast, do some cleaning and go back to bed to have breakfast with my love & cuddle. But as the year has started already and I’ve been quite lazy with planning my upcoming projects, today feels like a good day to do so! Continue Reading


Christmas GIFT IDEAS for her


I like to be fashionably late with buying Christmas gifts for my loved ones, so I thought I’d give you some last minute inspiration and a little ideas on what to buy for your sister, girlfriend or best friend. Continue Reading