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No matter what kind of skin you have, finding the perfect foundation is never easy. I need something with high coverage, that doesn’t really dehydrate my skin and still looks pretty natural. New Liquid Camouflage by Artdeco is extremely high-coverable and it never looks caked-on. 



As you know I have a full-time job and besides that, I’m a fashion blogger who’s always running around to shoots and appointments, so I always need to be ready to go. As I want to look flawless after I finish at work (5PM) and start my second job, new Artdeco Camouflage foundation is perfect option for me. What I think that makes it so special is blending it in with new brushes. Some people really don’t like the new brushes and I must admit – until I haven’t tried them out I though they are just another beauty trend, but they really do the difference!

IMG_9652 2



Artdeco’s new Cover & Correct collection is definitely one of my favourite so far, as it offers all of the important products for perfect foundation. Application of suitable concealer, depending on my irregularities, and foundation is what makes my skin ready to look flawless at any time of the day.


What are your favourite products, that make you feel beautiful & confident, but still you?

P.S.: You can find my favourite foundation in Muller, with sticker ALJIN IZBOR, #preprostojaz on.


Photo by Luka Perne

You can get all the BEAUTY PRODUCTS I’m using HERE or in nearest Muller.

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