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Summer is nearing and as the health topic is all around social media and lifestyle magazines, I decided to go back to healthier lifestyle too! Today it has actually become quite fashionable to go on a detox diet, but that’s defenitely not the reason why I decided to do it! Using detox foods a few days of the month is considered one of the best ways to stay in shape and I decided to check if there any truth behind these ideas? I’m fortunate enough that I’m not dealing with overweight or so, but as I’m always on the go and often eating a lot of crap due to lack of time, I decided to go back to my healthy eating, with help of new Tummy Teatox products.


First of all – a detox diet is NOT a weight loss diet, so if you’re considering doing it, your main goal should not at all be in relation with weight but much more that you want to give your body a break from the regular stress and clean it from inside out. Your body is amazing and you should totally take a good care of it! Detoxing your body is all about clearing toxins from your body.

I started with my Tummy Teatox about a week ago, and the “program” consists of 2 parts:

1st: 10 days with Daily Kick Tea and Sleep Tight Tea, to get your body ready for tramsformation.

2nd: Next 10 days adding Slimbiotics, Cleanse Drink and Happy Enzymes

I’m currently in my first phase and I’m drinking my Daily Kick Tea every morning, to waken up my digestion and my Sleep Tight Tea at night, to regenerate my body before I go to sleep. Next to it, I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible – lots of fruits and veggies, meat, fish, eggs and drink a lot of water! I can feel how my body gets the water out of it (I pee a lot haha) and I cannot wait to start using my other products too!



Why to decide for Tummy Teatox diet?


  • you want to be the best version of yourself and be ready for summer,
  • products taste really good,
  • you get healthy and very delicious eating plan,
  • you get lots of recipes for really healthy & yummy smoothies, puddings, etc.,
  • you get an exercise plan & a lot of beautiful content from Tummy Teatox girls!

Let me know if you decide to start your healthy lifestyle and I’ll be happy to be with you on that train and follow your progress. I’ll also update you with my progress. Stay tuned 😉 And if you’d like to detox your body too, here’s a little treat for you –  discount code for 20% OFF: ABCSTYLE20




Photo by Luka Perne

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