Grazia Cover Girl

Grazia-naslovnica junij 2015 Alja Bitenc Artdeco


Being a cover girl for Grazia magazine is such a dream come true! I’ve been always dreaming of being on a cover of a fashion magazine, but it always felt so surreal … until now! Becoming an Artdeco ambassador for the project Preprosto jaz brought not only new friendships, A LOT of make-up products and make up experience, but most importantly so many new challenges and personal achievements. Becoming Grazia’s cover girl took a lot of work in last almost 2 years, but at one point it always pays off – I promise 🙂 Also, I’m glad I can share the cover with 3 amazing and strong women though, it definitely wouldn’t be the same without you and without all the people “in the back” 😉

Grazia junij 2015 Alja Bitenc








Photo by Enja Brelih Photography & Matija Tomc (Cover)

Thanks to Neli Zovko, Artdeco Slovenija, Grazia Slovenija, Špela Štamol, …

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