A Day in a Life of a blogger during LJFW

I’ve always loved reading “A Day in the Life” posts and since people are quite often asking me how my Fashion Week in Ljubljana looks like I thought I’d bring it to the blog. Well it’s actually no different from all the other days, except it’s 100x busier and more fun than the rest of the days!

Althought I’m not a morning person (waking up in the morning is one of the most annoying things for me) I like to get up as early as possible to get out the most of the day. During Fashion Week I like to be in the office early (8AM the latest) as I like to leave earlier as well, to spend some fashionable quality time before the shows with my favourite fashionistas. After work I usually meet with my photographer Enja Brelih to take some photos of my #LJFW looks (preferably all in one day) and this is also the time when all the fashion enthusiast from all over the Slovenia come to Ljubljana so we finally find some time to catch up over a good cup of coffee or cake to talk about latest fashion trends. Actual attending the fashion shows is the last but not least thing on my calendar for that day.

What’s really extremely important for me during those busy fashion days is to be mobile and comfortable, especially now when I’m pregnant. Fashion shows usually take place in the city centre so it’s really important to have a small yet stylish car, that gets you around and serves you as your wardrobe and bathroom as well – especially in my case, when I change from day to night look and do my make up in the car. Yep, those are the perks of not living in the city centre. You probably guessed that car for me is more than just a car – it’s kind of my room, moving around with me all the time. I do spend quite a lot time in the car so the next big thing is that it MUST be comfortable. Lucky me, Ford Slovenija took care of my LJFW period and gave me a new Ford Fiesta, to be as mobile and comfortable as possible. Even though it’s a small car it did met my expectations – small from the outside, super spacious from the inside and super functionable. Just some of the things I love about it (from woman point of view):

– unlocking without the key – you can actually keep you key in the car all the time and unlock the car simply on touch, which makes all the browsing through the purse uneccessary

– screen on touch

– bottle holder – I’m always on the go, meaning my meals are for the go quite often as well so this needs to be in my car, so I can sip on my morning or night smoothie while driving from one event to another

I simply cannot imagine spending fashion days, or life better said, without the car! Fashion Week is not only about one show, it’s all about gathering, presentations, events, … so better be mobile and stay comfy on the go 🙂

Photo by Luka Perne

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