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I’m one happy girl with so wanted long hair 🙂 Well they are not totally mine, but I love the feeling and here it goes how it happened. I’m such a sucker for long hair, but somehow my hair always grow to the the certain lenght and than they stop. I’ve tried many things, but none of them seem to work and I was thinking about clip-on hair extentions for a reallly long time. Even more, I was so close to buy them many times, but than I changed my minds somehow.

When guys from Irresistible Me contacted me about trying out their 100% Natural Remy hair I was more than happy to do it! I’ve heard many times about the quality of Remy hair and therefore I somehow knew what I’ll actually receive. Well, they totally met my expectations. I’ve got their best-selling line – Silky Touch and they are fantastic quality for a very friendly price (only $89) and can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored to blend in your hair perfectly. The thickness of the hair decreases slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which improves a completely natural look while wearing them. I’ve been searching a lot of sites and all of the clip-on extensions cost way more! So the price is really good. Well enough words, let the photos speak for themselves!

Oh, I’m wearing colour Silky Light Brown – number 6 in length 22 and weight 200 (very thick), but I’ve cut them a bit, since they were too long, so I’d suggest you to choose them in length 20 maximum. Find them here: http://www.irresistibleme.com/hair-extensions/silky-touch/light-brown-1344.html

Feels so good to be writing about something else, which is not outfit, once in a while that I totally forgot to mention my look haha! You know how obsessed I am with shirt dresses and this is just another one from my collection. It’s from Zara and I love it because it can be worn as sporty outfit with sneakers or for really fancy occasions. This time I’ve chosen sporty one, paired with fringed details – bag and sneakers!

Wish you a lovely Sunday :*













IMG_0722Photo by: Enja Brelih Photography


*Hair: Irresistible me (find them here)

Shirt dress: Zara

Sneakers: Stradivarius (here)

Bag: H&M (here)

Sunglasses: Dior So Real


  1. Jennifer Adams
    June 14, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    Your hair is long and nice, I really enjoyed your unique hair style, here your pictures are also nice.
    Overall a good blog.

    • Alja
      June 15, 2016 / 9:10 pm

      Thanks :*

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