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I’ve been using Tummy Teatox for a while now and it was only about the time to share with you my experience. I decided to incorporate the tea into my life and combine it with healthy eating habits and daily exercise, so I had a cup of tea every morning and every night before sleep time. I cannot say that using Tummy Teatox melted my kilos away, but I definitely did lose some weight (due to healthy eating) and I feel more energised.

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The most frequent questions about the Tummy Teatox I got:

  1. Does it taste good?

Yes, it does. I’d say it tastes a bit like a green tea, but I loved the taste so I was really enjoying drinking it.

  1. Did you lose weight after using Tummy Teatox?

I did lose some weight, but I wouldn’t say it was only due to using Tummy Teatox products. What I say to everyone asking me about it is that simply drinking tea and using Slimbiotics and Enzymes won’t just melt your kilos away, but it’s more like a mental persuasion. When I started with Tummy Teatox I decided to eat healthier and every time I wanted to skip my healthy breakfast and replace it with some yummy croissant, I made up my minds. I thought it doesn’t make sense to drink tea and eat junk food. So, the combination of starting Tummy Teatox program, eating healthy and exercising regularly is the key to success and that combination will get you lose your weight.

  1. How do you know it helps?

I was dealing with spring fatigue lately and feeling less tired and more energised after work and in the mornings, is one of the indicators showing that it works. Also, due to super busy schedule and days full of works, shootings and events I often don’t have time to eat regularly so stomach pain, bloating and poor digestion can be a struggle, but lately I haven’t been dealing with it. This was also my main reason to start with teatox, so for me it worked.



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