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Hello my lovelies!

You know that I’m not that much into the whole make-up thing and even less into telling you about how to do your make up and I’m not gonna do it now either, but since I’ve got so many question about what kind of make-up I use for summer or how I adjust it to my daily outfits, I decided to write a post about it and show you what I use. It’s not about telling you what’s good and what is not, it’s just how I like to do it 🙂

In summer I like to go for sort of naked make-up. Whether I’m going to the beach or just feeling like embracing the carefree summer vibe, I skip concealers, powder foundations, etc., and stick to light foundation (maybe even BB creams) and shimmering fluid. In the summer I normally use this light MAC body foundation, which is not coverable at all, but skin in summer looks pretty anyways. I’m not comfortable going entirely nude but I like to keep minimal summer makeup glowing, with highlighting some parts of my face. After foundation I blend a touch of illuminating fluid on the tops of the cheekbones and brow bones and down the bridge of the nose. Since I haven’t been much at the seaside yet and I like to get some of this summer look on my face, I apply a bronzer or sun blusher better said, which gives me a touch of shimmering pearl. That’s kind of it when we talk about the face, and for that final touch or final look I like to make my lashes long, add a tiny line of eyeliner and make my lips really summerish. And that’s the trend I’m sticking to the whole summer long – use as less as you can, in nude tones and make your lips and eyes look stunning. Colourful lipsticks are something I’ll go for this summer! What about you? How do you like to look in summer – a lot of make up or keep it simple?


















Photo by: Maša Bitenc

Products I used

Foundation – MAC, find it here

Sun blusher – Artdeco, find it here

Mascara – Artdeco, find it here

Lipstick – Artdeco, find it here

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