New Year new resolutions

It’s the first month of the new year and every one is busy making their new year resolution. It might be cheesy setting them, but I still do, because they help – even if last only few months. Besides healthy lifestyle resolutions, as a blogger I also have some serious commitments and new year resolution for my style, communication with followers and blog. Soon I’ll have more time for it, but more about it some other time 😉


I know this is number one on everyone’s list of resolutions and also one of those that too often stay only on the paper, but it’s actually not impossible for me. I’ve been living a really healthy lifestyle and working out quite often, but than I got lazy. I blame it on winter time, bad weather and getting dark early, but as the spring will be slowly coming in I’m ready to get back in shape. In fact, I already started with my night and morning Tummy Teatox routine. You can read all about my previous experience with Tummy Teatox HERE and how I detox my body HERE. As I mentioned many times before (and I still get questions), my goal was never loosing weight, but adopting a healthier lifestyle. Therefore I cannot answer the questions if Tummy Teatox really helps you loose weight, but I can tell you that it helps me getting back on track, gives me motivation to work out and to eat healthier. It somehow feels pointless to drink tea in the morning and at night and than eating junk food. Having a morning and night routine consequently makes you eat healthier, etc.



I promised this to myself many time before, but here we go again. I’m a crazy shopaholic (guilty as charged) and I often (or always) buy way to much stuff! Especially when the sales hit in. I would buy everything I don’t need and spend way too much money, for the stuff I’ll never wear. Than I want to buy myself a designer piece (most often a bag or shoes) but it often feels to expensive. But than again, if I would skip my “unnecessary” purchases, that cost me loads of money, I could easily invest in one designer piece. However, I promised myself that I’ll keep focus on quality over quantity in the new year and try to invest money in pieces that last a lifetime.



When days get busy, it simplifies life to have an clothes that are simple, minimalistic, easy to put together and effortlessly chic. I find myself often buying too many chick and trendy pieces and to less classy and simple ones, which often brings me to complicated stylings. You can never go wrong with simple par of jeans, white tea and to die for bag. You know, statement accessories (such as bags, shoes, scarves, etc.) always make the whole difference and can really upgrade the look.



Even if it doesn’t always look like I really do appreciate every single blog view, comment, like and compliment. I really do! But next to a full time job, all the collaborations, extra projects, events and extremely busy lifestyle I literally don’t find the energy to always comment back or check out your profiles, style, etc. I know I should be doing that more often and I would love to talk with you on daily basis (also on my IG stories) so I promised to myself to take more time for that, even if I would need to cancel on some of my projects.

I would like to know what are your New Year’s resolutions, if you have any? 🙂 Let me know!

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

Location: Antiq Palace Hotel Ljubljana

Drinking Tummy Teatox Tea, get it HERE


Zara dress – get it HERE

H&M boots – get them HERE, similar also HERE and HERE


  1. January 17, 2018 / 11:28 am

    These are some pretty achievable goals for 2018. I stopped making resolutions a few years back as I always think that if I need a change, I shouldn’t wait till the new year. However, saying that, I’d love to engage more on social media this year. I’ve seen benefits of investing some time in talking to people online, but like you, I sometimes find it difficult with a full time job.

    Love your quality over quantity one as well. I’ve recently donated a quarter of my wardrobe to charity, including a bunch of dresses I haven’t worn once. So, 2018 should also be my year of not going mental whenever I walk down Long Acre in Covent Garden 🙂

    And yes to exercising. Like yours, my lifestyle is quite healthy, but I’m trying to run more this year. Exercising regularly makes me into a much happier person.

    Keep up the good work and great photos from Slovenia, they make me a teeny tiny bit emotional 🙂

    Maja |

    • Alja
      February 9, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      Hi Maja 🙂 That’s true, you shouldn’t wait for New Year’s, I totally agree, but I still do, it’s easier to start hehe. It’s so hard to stay engaged with people on social media all the time, takes so much time and work and next to the full time job it’s hard, but I’ll try harder this year. Thank you so much for your nice comment and your experience! BTW, I love your blog too! Kisses from Slovenia!

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