Pampering my skin


Biggest challenge when being busy living my life is to keep my skin healthy, moisturised and glowing. We all know that all the pretty makeup doesn’t really help, if you don’t take care of your skin before putting on something else, which is why I’m showing you my current favourites for my daily skin care routine.

1. Bocassy Light Day Cream

The good and moisturising day cream is what I’m always on the search for. The beautiful texture of this cream and its moisturising properties are what my skin loves and when I apply it on my skin, it leaves a very smooth and slightly dewy finish. Before I tried Bocassy cream for the first time ever I tried a tester which made me crazy about it. Now I have this baby in big size and I’m looking forward to use it every day before putting on my makeup.

Check it HERE.




2. Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

My worst nightmare when it comes to winter are definitely my lips. I have no idea how people manage to keep their lips so glowy and healthy, but for me that’s the hardest part to do. All the lipsticks I use during the day dry out my lips, so they definitely need some good care and refreshment at night. I’ve tried out billions of lipsticks and none of them really helped (I even went to the pharmacy to get one, since the ones in stores are not “strong” enough), and then this Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm happened. It’s pretty packaging and smell convinced me to try it a week ago and in so little time (1 week) I can say it’s definitely the best lip balms I ever tried, totally worth every cent. I don’t know the secret formula behind it, but it must be honey and shea butter. Well it doesn’t really matter since it helps my lips to stay healthy and glowy 🙂

This one is POP ART limited edition and you can get it only in pharmacy for now, but you better hurry up cause they’re very limited 😉




3. Vichy Face Mask

On Sundays (especially on rainy ones) I like to lock myself in a bathroom and take some time for myself. Or for my skin better said. My type of Sunday’s quality time always includes skin pampering and the face mask is the most important thing of it. We all like to put on some makeup during the week and we don’t really have the time to moisturize our skin the way we should, so putting on a face mask at least once a week will definitely bring you to smoother skin. And that’s what we all wish for, right?

My plan for tonight is to have a relaxing bath, try on one of the NEW Vichy face masks and enjoy. What about yours? 😉

Also, did you hear for “multimasking”? It means you can try all three Vichy’s mask on your face at once, depending of the type of your skin on different parts of your face.



And special thanks to Hotel Vander for inviting me to their hotel and making this shooting happen 🙂

Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

Location: Hotel Vander

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