Planning 2017 kind of Sunday



My favourite thing to do on Sundays is to wake up around 9, make breakfast, do some cleaning and go back to bed to have breakfast with my love & cuddle. But as the year has started already and I’ve been quite lazy with planning my upcoming projects, today feels like a good day to do so! You know I love to be organised and have everything single coffee and event planned in advance and I must say my Windows planner on my new Asus computer/tab makes it so easy! To give you a little sneak peak of what’s coming up on ABC Style – I’ll be working as an ambassador on a very special project with one of my favourite cosmetic brands from January on. Also, I’m about to team up with one of my fav Slovenian fashion designers to show you the affordable pieces of her new collection, and I might be heading to Fashion Week in February too (hope the time and my job allows me)! As I said – stay tuned, I’ll make sure it doesn’t get boring 😉







Photo by Luka Perne

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