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The truth about fashion blogging 3

I love love love being a fashion bloggers and it definitely bring so much perks, but being a fashion blogger is not always as glamorous as people might think. I started my blog ABC Style almost 2 years ago and it has been a wonderful experience ever since – meeting so many interesting people, working with brands, chatting with you, travelling, … But it can be a tiring, exhausting and very hypocritical business at the same time.

I often hear how easy blogging is – traveling all the time, receiving gifts, attending events, taking photos, etc. But at one point receiving products that you don’t need and attending events to hang out with people who go behind your back just to compete with you is not what life is about.

The truth about fashion blogging 8

Wasting the whole day on Instagram!

When I publish a photo, of course I want it to look perfect and I do take care of the overall look of my Instagram feed, but at the same time I know it’s just Instagram. It is a business, but I always want to stay with my feet firmly on the ground, which means I don’t want to paint the pink skies on my photos and I don’t want to spend 1 hour on editing one single photo. I know these retouches would bring more likes, but I believe there are more important thing in life worth that time.

The truth about fashion blogging 2

No time off!

As a fashion blogger, with a full-time job I definitely need to plan every second of my day and at the same time I need to be active on social media and interact with my followers, which brings me to no free time at all. I only wish for careless afternoons with my boyfriend, with no phone and social media, but you’re quickly out of the business when you do that!

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You’re alone at the end of the day!

Big bloggers have their own marketing team, but regular fashion bloggers like myself, means you are your own PR manager, marketing director, writer, editor, photographer, and stylist. You are EVERYTHING, which brings me to the second more than a full-time job, better said 24/7 job.

Besides that it’s true that you get to meet so many people and amazing bloggers, but the sad truth is that on the end on the day you can’t really relay on them, because they’re always your competition. I don’t say I don’t have blogger friends, I do, of course, and I really love to meet them, but there’s always possible to feel tension and competition, no matter what.

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Once you get to the point that you work only on paid collaborations you get money, but that’s nearly enough for all the time you spend on the project, plus you need to cover photograph expenses, etc. I’m happy that most of the brands got to the point that you cannot work for free all the time, because there’s so much time and effort put into, but there are of course still brands who simply don’t understand. They would still send you the product for 5 euros and expect you to post 10 Instagram photos, blog post, YouTube video …

The truth about fashion blogging 4

To sum it up – being a fashion blogger is hard but it’s the most beautiful experience that happened to me and I love blogging so much. Of course there are times when you’re stressed and when you think of all the not so glamorous things that happen to you, but at the end of the day, it’s 100% worth it!

Thank you Microsoft for making my life and my very honest blogging confessions so much easier and less stressful. I really love putting down my ideas in OneNote, that enables me to take notes with no extra effort and everywhere I am. I always make sure to take my Microsoft HERO (Asus) with me, everywhere I go, so I can update you and chat with you on daily basis 🙂

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Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

Location: Le Petit Caffe Ljubljana

Using: Asus ZenBook

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