Liam’s Nursery Room

Maybe I should quit doing everything else and spend all my time decorating baby rooms because I enjoy doing it so much and the nursery room turned out to be my favourite room ever! This room is my happy place, as it turned out just exactly how I wanted it to be. I took me to some time to decorate it and even more time to put a blog post together (it’s hard to find so much time once you have a baby), but here it is! Better later than never!

For our nursery, we wanted the room, that used to be my walk in closet and office, to feel clean, bright and yet invoke a magical feeling. As we knew the baby gender from the very beginning it was easy to choose the colour palette. 


From the very beginning I wanted an oval bed and Stokke Sleepi Mini from Mali zakladi felt like a perfect option. It’s super fashionable, cute, easy to be taken to any other room and what’s the most important – Liam loves it! I loved the simple and smart design of the solid wood crib and it also has the ability to convert into a toddler day-bed, meaning we’d only be investing in one piece of furniture that would last for a longer period of time.

“I designed this neutral baby boy room with the vision of wanting a clean fresh look with a touch of baby blue & boho to give a subtle boyish vibe. I love neutrals and our whole house is decorated with a neutral palette and I knew our baby’s room would follow the same vibe.”


There’s not much of it for now, but I’m trying to put him in Nuna Leaf seat every day for a little while and I love the material it’s made of – very soft and comfortable and it even has rhythmic side-to-side movement that lasts over two minutes. 


As for the colour palette – we wanted to keep it simple and minimalistic, as white as possible, but with the details of different patterns and decor. I love the wall prints (from Etsy) Ikea carpet & white gold light and all the little details as plush toys (decor for now), his tinny clothes, etc. Also, did you see how cute is the wooden clothes hanger for babies and the wooden basket? It really gives a very special feeling to the room.


Definitely one of the most beautiful and special moments between mum and a baby and it needs to be comfortable. I bought this chair at Ikea when decorating the room, not knowing it’ll become our favourite place to cuddle – during the day and when he wakes up for another meal during the night, which would be every 2-3 hours for now.

And a special thanks goes to Sandra from Moja galerija who has a great connection with babies and makes photoshootings with baby piece of cake. Besides that she creates the most beautiful photos.

Photos by Moja galerija

In collaboration with Mali zakladi

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