#PREPROSTOJAZ: Mojih TOP 5 Artdeco produktov



Let’s swap from fashion to beauty today 🙂 As you already known I’m Artdeco‘s ambassador for a project Preprosto jaz and although I’m in love with almost all the products they offer, I picked my TOP 5, that I cannot start my day without and I’d like to share with you why I love them so much! Also, last week we did a morning routine (Get ready with me) and I promised you to get you the links to all the products I use. Well, here they are!

Foundation – The most quality and coverable foundation I ever owned, that gives me an ultra-light feeling on my skin and it’s combined with a high-coverage formula. I love it that it doesn’t look cakey when wearing it the whole day. Simply perfect product that I guarantee you’ll like it 🙂

Bronzing powder – It makes my face look kissed by the sun and that’s something I love. It might be because of mixing two colours or because the color totally fits me.

Eyeliner – It totally deserves a name High Precision, because that’s something that this eyeliner really is! You know that eyeliner is my signature look and it’s definitely the trend that I cannot go without, so I use it every day. What I always crave for when searching for an eyeliner is a very precise and fine eye line, with an intensive, deep-black eye line. This one is my favourite long lasting one!

Mascara – It makes my lashes look long and perfectly separated eyelashes. The most important thing when I search for mascaras – that they don’t peel off during the day.

Lipstick – Nude and not to shinny.




Little treat for you!

Za vse navdušenke nad Artdeco kozmetiko, ali pa tiste, ki boste to še postale – s kodo ALJINIZBOR15, dobiš 15% popust na vse izdelke (razen outlet ponudba) na spletni strani Artdeco, če pa kupiš nad 30 evrov, pa te čaka še zastonj poštnina 🙂

Koda velja do 14. maja.




Photo by Enja Brelih Photography

Location: Best Western Hotel Slon

My TOP 5 Artdeco products

Foundation – Liquid Camouflage, 46 dune sand

Bronzing powder – Bronzing powder compact long lasting, 90 toffee

Eyeliner – High Precision, black

Mascara – Long lashes

Lipstick – Hydra Lip Color, 22

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